Monday, November 12, 2012

Our History Here Began with My Grandfather

We couldn’t be prouder than to serve in the Air Force and work at Lockheed Martin
by Michelle A.

Lockheed Martin’s 100th year anniversary is also a celebration for my family and its heritage. I am the third generation to work for the Corporation. My grandfather worked for Lockheed on B-17 production lines in southern California during World War II. He was also one of the first employees to buy a Thousand Dollar War Bond. 

Following military retirement from the United States Air Force, my father joined Lockheed through a heritage company and worked for the company until his retirement in the mid-1980s. I am also a proud member of the Lockheed Martin team after having served in the Air Force. In my family, we were proud to serve in the US Air Force and to work for Lockheed Martin. 

This is a photo of my grandfather and the production line for the B-17 Flying Fortress.