Thursday, August 16, 2012

P-3 Orion Legacy

Working at Lockheed Martin offers intangibles no other company can offer
by Bo E.

I grew up a Navy kid living around P-3s most of my childhood. My dad worked as a tactical officer on P-3s, and I've always had a soft spot for “his” plane. This was in the days of the Cold War, and while I didn’t get the implications at the time, I remember thinking that the P-3 was a great plane and how it always brought my dad home safe and sound. I liked the plane so much that I would search high and low at shops for models and toys of P-3s, but they were always hard to find. Although, once I found a kit that had the stickers for one of the squadrons my dad served in. That was the centerpiece of my collection.

Having gone on to work at the company that makes the P-3 has always been one of the intangible parts of working for Lockheed Martin. It generates a sense of pride no other company can offer. Few other jobs would have given me the chance to get near P-3s in the course of work.

"I've always had a soft spot for Dad's plane."