Monday, December 3, 2012

Building the Air Force's Strategic Nuclear Force

The technologies also benefited the way in which we live
by H. Miller

I started working on the Titan 1 missile launch control/checkout system on February 9, 1959. I performed the same duties for Titan II, Titan III and Titan IV until I retired May 27, 1990. In the course of these years, I was involved with an Apollo Onboard Checkout System, a long duration space flight electronics study, a battlefield intelligence system, All Source Analysis System and Checkout, and the Control and Monitor Subsystem for the Space Shuttle.

The Titan I work involved the first transistorized circuits used for countdown timing and propellant loading. This required close work with Texas Instruments field engineers to understand and to account for design problems. My subsequent work involved integrated circuits, which finally became a complete computer. I was so glad that my years Lockheed Martin allowed me to keep up with ever changing electronics engineering field.