Monday, December 3, 2012

Celebrating More than 50 Years

We worked on every aircraft built at Ft. Worth from 1942 to 1997
by Diena P.

My dad, mom and their five children moved to Ft. Worth, Texas, in 1942. Dad started to work for Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corporation in September of that year. He bought a house on the west side of White Settlement in a community called “Liberator Village,” named for the first aircraft built at the “Bomber Plant,” the B-24 Liberator. My parents raised their family in that community and Dad worked at the plant for 29 uninterrupted years. He retired in 1971. The company changed names several times over the years. It was known as Consolidated, Convair, General Dynamics and lastly, Lockheed Martin.

I went to work for General Dynamic in 1966 and worked in every area of the facility, from receiving inspection in the south end to the electronics building on the flight line. I went to night school and was promoted to senior quality engineer. I retired in 1997 after 31 years. I have many service pins earned by my dad, my late husband and myself from all of the companies listed above. Between the three of us, we worked on every aircraft built at Ft. Worth from 1942 to 1997.

Thanks Dad for the memories and wonderful life!