Wednesday, September 19, 2012

An Immigrant’s Story

Working at Lockheed Martin means helping to protect our freedom
by Alfredo M.
I immigrated to California about 19 years ago. Like many other immigrants, unable to speak English, I had no choice but work on the fields to make a living. Working long hours, hoe in hand under the sun I refused to believe that there was no better future for me here. So with a still very limited English knowledge, I applied to California Polytechnic State University. My job was the only source of income for my wife and two children, so I had to continue working full time while attending college full-time simultaneously. After struggling for a few years, I graduated with a Master’s in computer science. Right before graduation, Lockheed Martin noticed my potential and offered me a position as a software engineer.\

I have been part of Lockheed Martin under IG&GS, Space Systems, and currently under Electronic Systems. While in IS&GS, I invented and developed a concept to simplify the highly complex configuration of missile tracking systems. Due to this invention, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) presented me with the “Hispanic in Technology Corporate Award” for 2010. Lockheed Martin has also recognized the work I have done over the years with numerous awards and recognitions. I no longer work on the fields. Now at Lockheed Martin, I utilize my creativity to build systems that help our men and women in uniform protect our freedom. At Lockheed Martin we often say, “We never forget who we are working for.” That is Lockheed Martin, and I’m very proud to be part of it.

I'm proud to be part of something much larger than myself!