Monday, September 17, 2012

We Never Forget!

An inspired moment made our mission crystal clear
by Steve T., Kelly H. and the CDBD Navy/Marine Corps Customer Focus Team

On an overcast October afternoon at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, Lockheed Martin’s Navy and Marine Corps Customer Focus Team’s interactive forum was well underway. Our government-industry team just had broken for the traditional celebratory cake honoring of the United States Navy’s 236th birthday. With the Admirals, captains, and their Lockheed Martin partners enjoying a quick bite on the Officer’s Club patio, the weather cleared and the F-35B “Lightning II” took to the southern Maryland skies.

Together, we stood transfixed, unexpectedly watching the jet that just days before had achieved the first, historic successful STOVL landing onboard USS WASP (LHD-1). Like excited children, we looked on with awe as history flew above us and a  fifth generation “concept turned into reality” circled and hovered above our heads.

When our break came to an end, so did Mother Nature’s clear sky. As the F-35B flew back to the hangar and we walked inside with our Naval customers, the Lockheed Martin team couldn’t hide its pride, knowing we were a part of the company, the team, providing this pioneering aircraft to our country and our maritime customer.

Right place, right time or just a bit of magic to remind us once again that we “never forget who we’re working for,” who knows? All we can say, it truly was an inspired moment celebrating Lockheed Martin Innovation, our customer and why so many of us come to work each day.