Monday, September 24, 2012

From the Classroom to CDM

Still proud to be here, some 32-plus years later
by Aleta C.

And so, here I am 32-plus years later. Yes, 32 years plus a few months ago, when schools were on spring break, teacher-subbing jobs were scarce (after eight years, I "retired" from teaching in 1979), I asked Manpower Temp Services for a temporary job. I got that job doing Word processing with Ford Aerospace & Communications Corporation. I hired on in 1980 as section, then department secretary; then various jobs, programs, buildings and companies. I am now performing configuration/data management on TBMCS in Colorado Springs. I am proud to be our site’s first nationally certified CDM and proud to work with Lockheed Martin as I approach the sunset of my career. 

While I often still miss the smell of crayons this time of year, I can be heard telling folks that working with engineers is a lot like working with eight-year-olds. What a wild ride of a career path that I never would have thought I’d be doing! It has all been quite like my office, now cubicle – sometimes very big and spacious – enjoyable and organized - but more often than not, quite disorganized, full of many tasks and sometimes chaotic – but still HERE and still working! Full of ups and downs, excitement and exasperation, fun-filled and frustrating. One hundred years for Lockheed Martin and 32 years and counting for me!