Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pride in the Lockheed Martin Star

It represents the promise of a bright future
by Luke S.

My name is Luke and I have been with Lockheed Martin for a little over two years. I am currently an ELDP in the Grand Prairie, Texas, facility working for Missiles and Fire Control. My youth with the company makes my overall quantity of experiences limited versus others, but I think I have a valid perspective to share nonetheless.

My story is not comprised of a special project or experience with Lockheed Martin, but rather of the pride that I feel continuously to know that I work for this company. I spent my college years working hard, dreaming of the time when I could walk into buildings with the cobalt blue of the Lockheed Martin star staring me in the face and welcoming me to a brighter future. Within the confines of these walls, I don’t simply know that I can succeed in my career, but I know I can contribute to the greater good of the world.

I know there may be some out there who would scoff at this enthusiasm and dismiss it with the diagnosis of youth. To the naysayers, I will admit that Lockheed Martin is not a perfect company—but it is a company that constantly seeks to better itself, in much the way I do. I feel honored and privileged to work for this company every day, and I truly believe that this pride will not leave me—regardless of the hardships that may come my way during my career. Thank you Lockheed Martin!