Sunday, October 21, 2012

Five Generations of Continuous Employment

The journey’s been grand for our family
by Lorraine B.

My grandfather, Mathias Remesch, lived in Hungary where he was a master cabinetmaker and business owner. He immigrated to the United States in 1905 and was employed by the Glenn L. Martin Company in Cleveland, Ohio. When the facility moved to Maryland, he set up the first tool room at Middle River. 
For five generations, my family has been fortunate to have continuous employment at Middle River, and it all began with Mathias (first generation). The lineage includes my parents, Frank and Violet Remesch (second generation); my brothers, Frank and Raymond Remesch, and myself (third generation); my daughter, Nancy, and her husband, William (fourth generation); and my granddaughter, Stephanie, who interned in 2009 (fifth generation).

Yes, I was part of the 100-year history of the Glenn L. Martin Company and saw significant changes in the industry. Some of the legacy has been in the books, and some of it is not written. I witnessed the manual typewriter and adding machine changing to the computer age and the thousands of single machines in the shop changing to a single N/C programmed machine doing 50 operations. Talks about dress-down day, the guys in the shop were required to wear white shirts and ties (some wore aprons).

What a great company it was to work for and I conclude with my congratulations to Lockheed Martin on 100 years!