Sunday, October 7, 2012

Honored to Follow in My Dad’s Footsteps

Two generations have proudly worked on the powerful Aegis system
by Lawrence C.

My father, Gordon C Caldwell, worked at RCA Moorestown where Aegis was born. After the end of the Apollo program (RCA built the telemetry antennas for the LEM and moonbase), he helped lead the development of Aegis. First, he was PMO of CSEDS, working on the USS Norton Sound in 1972 and 1973. Finally, before his retirement, he was manager of the first PTC. I am proud to follow in his footsteps, having led the JABMD baseline through four successful flight missions as lead system engineer and now working as WCS technical lead for the latest generation of Aegis, Baseline 9E.

"My dad helped lead the development of Aegis." 
The word "Aegis" dates back to Greek mythology.