Saturday, October 27, 2012

From Barnstorming to Baseball

Glenn L. Martin loved aviation and sports
by Nanette C.

My aunts told me stories that Glenn L. Martin would come to my grandfather’s (Wharton Drury’s) house to ask him to umpire Martin Bombers baseball games. My aunts told me what a big baseball fan Mr. Martin was! In fact, he helped form an organization called the All American Amateur Baseball Association (AAABA) to promote the sport.

My uncle told me that Mr. Martin asked the Darlington Maryland basketball recreational team to play the Martin Bombers in a pick-up game. Mr. Martin greeted all the Darlington players with a handshake and wished them well. After the Martin Bombers won by a significant amount, Mr. Martin shook the hands of all the players and stated they played a hard game and thanked them for playing. What a class act!

Glenn L. Martin and the Martin "Bombers"