Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Brilliant Opportunity

It was a prestigious education about the world and life
by Pauline L.

Martin Marietta Vice President of Operations Roger Coleman offered my most important career opportunity in 1973. The company was in the process of moving its headquarters from Torrance, California, to 18th and K in Washington, D.C. A brilliant and inspiring person, Mr. Coleman always focused on the essential, always able to see the larger picture. Working with him proved an education in itself!

In the Washington office, I met Gayle Chin, my dearest friend. She was a recent graduate of studies in Paris. When she applied for a position in the executive suite, I was asked to introduce her to the various areas of the company. She often said that I taught her "all she knew." My hunch is that we shared interest in many of the same things—art, travel, cooking and dining among them. When my husband accepted a position with the Association of Theological Schools in Dayton, Ohio, Mr. Coleman made my transfer easy to the company's Central Region Sales Office there.

After 10 years, my career at Martin ended with early retirement in the summer of 1983. However, my friendship with Gayle continues to this day, as does that with close friends from the regional office, John Meek and Sheila Sideroff. My memories of Lockheed Martin are fond, and its stewardship, retirement income and health benefits have contributed significantly to my life. I am grateful for the experience and proud to be a "graduate" of the company."

Thank you, Lockeed Martin!