Saturday, June 8, 2013

A Wealth of Talent and Brainpower

I worked at Palmdale for over 40 years
by David F.

I worked at the Palmdale, California, facility my entire Lockheed Martin career. I was there from August 1969 through December 2011, and was the second Palmdale employee hired in to support the L-1011 TriStar program. My first assignment was to coordinate the setting up the ID office at the old Caravan Inn. During my career, I worked in several different organizations including finance, shortage control, facilities and last but not least, material management as a purchasing representative. While each position had its challenges and rewards, my most memorable would be my time in material management, supporting our materials and process group. What a challenger that was! However, the rewards were great in working with such a dynamic group of engineers and scientists.

My favorite plane still is the SR-71. The gatherings that would take place on the corner of Sierra Highway and Avenue North to watch the Blackbird take off were second to none. I’ll never forget the sight and sound! While the SR-71 is my favorite, all of our programs are near and dear to me. My hat is off to the people who came before me, the men and women with whom I worked and those who will continue to carry the torch.