Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The World’s Best Father

I worked alongside my dad one summer
by Lisa L.

My father started working for Martin Marietta in January 1962. His salary was $132 a week, which was considered very good at that time. Today, it would be well below the poverty level!

Dad worked on the Bullpup, Pershing and Sprint missile programs and on various research and development tasks. However, his most memorable program was TADS/PNVS. He was program director for PNVS and was technical director for TADS. He was selected as engineer of the year in 1979. A few years later, I worked for Martin Marietta during the summer of 1982 in the test program set arena where we wrote test programs for testing TADS/PNVS. It was a father-and-daughter scenario!

TADS/PNVS was the main weapon system used at the start of the Gulf War to neutralize Iraq’s air defense system. It worked to perfection with the entire Iraqi air defense systems destroyed in one evening engagement. My father was so proud of that system! It would be months later when he would get to see actual video from that engagement.