Friday, August 24, 2012

“Award Winner” in Aerospace and Transportation

Lockheed Martin has been the source of the most rewarding work of all
by Thomas A.

My career has allowed me to experience a broad ranging and interesting set of problems to solve. From cars, trucks, trains, commercial and military aircraft, strategic missiles, high energy kinetic weapons, kinetic kill vehicles, high energy lasers, civil spacecraft and software, Lockheed Martin has been the source of the most rewarding work of all.

In chronological order, they are:

  • Ford Motor Company: concept design of the first: Ford adjustable seat back, removable tailgate.
  • Pullman Standard: stress analysis of the first 100+ mph freight car truck.
  • California Lockheed Aircraft Company: COSMIC NASTRAN stress analysis software development; conceptual design, analysis and testing of the first composite commercial aircraft structures for damage tolerance, fuel containment and lightning strike protection.
  • Lockheed Missiles & Space Company:conceptual and detailed design of structures, and mechanical integration of: D5 Fleet Ballistic Missile, Cruise Missiles, Lockheed Launch Vehicle, NASA Advanced Crew Rescue Vehicle, U.S. Navy Advanced Bomb Family, NASA Advanced Solid Rocket Motor, Theater High Altitude Area Defense proposal.
  • SPARTA: large bore magnetic rail guns; kinetic kill vehicle structures.
  • Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company: structures and mechanical integration management of: THAAD Dem/Val program kill vehicle structures, Lockheed Martin Commercial Space A2100, Lockheed Martin Shuttle Tile Operations, airborne laser; software program management: Enterprise Product Data Management development and initial implementation; program management support: THAAD EMD and beyond. 
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