Thursday, August 16, 2012

Our Mission Never Wavers

Celebrating a silver anniversary at Lockheed Martin
by Jon B.

As a second-generation employee, this year marks my 25th year with Lockheed Martin. One of my most memorable moments was when then President Ronald Reagan visited the Waterton plant in Denver, Colorado, and gave a rousing speech to hundreds of employees on the second floor factory building. His words evoked such a sense of national pride of what our mission was—to protect our nation from those who wanted to harm us. Looking back on programs, such as the Titan and Defense Systems, they were key milestones for the company and the country. Now as a Lockheed Martin Space Systems facility staff architect, I continue to be so proud to support current programs, such as MSP and GPS III, that continue to protect our generation and future generations of Americans for years to come. Happy 100th Birthday Lockheed Martin!