Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Foundation of a Love for Airplanes

Thank you, Lockheed Martin
by Dennis M.

I can remember as if it were it was just yesterday, my dad was bringing me out to the plant in Marietta for all of the Christmas festivities and free toys. Occasional "open houses" were always events to look forward to in our community to see what was going on at as my dad put it, "the bomber plant." This, coupled with almost daily C-5s screaming across the skies with their signature sound above my house, laid the foundation for my love for airplanes. What a treat to go to the local drugstore and buy a model airplane as a kid to build what had been built and flown less than five miles away. Some 45 years later, coupled with 28 years of seniority at Air Force Plant #6, I have come to call this place my home and career. Untold priceless relationships have been made, as well as monetary compensation to live a comfortable life putting two daughters through college. Sure, it's had some good times and sad ones as well, but I would have to say "if it all ended today, it has been a good ride and I am thankful for the opportunities presented me," not to mention my love for aircraft and knowledge gleaned has expanded greatly. Thank you, Lockheed Martin.