Thursday, August 30, 2012

Simple, Humble Work Grew to Impact the World

Lockheed Martin innovation changed how people live today
by Bill S.

I am blessed to have been involved in a number of innovative developments that changed the world and how people live today. I worked on the development of the Trident submarine's integrated radio room, which was the first fully automated communications suite for a Navy platform. Then, I worked on the development of a prototype three satellite positioning system called GPS. It was designed to aid Navy ships and Marine units to accurately position themselves. I also worked on the initial development and testing of a four node system known as ARPANET to help the Navy lower the impact of stored documentation on ships. I worked closely with the newly formed IP and the TCP Committees, which were later combined into the IP/TCP Committee to establish a connected system that could utilize the newly established HTML technology to share documents and manuals. 

Additionally, I attended conference calls with Stanford Research Incorporated personnel, which included Mrs. Cisco, working on routing technology. Later, I led a development team that produced the Operations Support System which Admiral Tuttle selected as his core for his new Navy Command and Control system to be renamed GCCS-M. In every case, it was demanding, challenging, innovative and leading-edge technology work that was initially designed for very limited and selective use. We had no idea how much our simple and humble work would grow, expand and impact the world and how it operates seamlessly and so importantly with people all over the world every day.