Monday, August 20, 2012

Recognition for Creativity and Innovation

At Lockheed Martin, ideas are implemented or recycled, never lost on deaf ears
by Karen W.

The greatest motivation I had as a Lockheed Martin employee over the past 11 years, was the opportunity to influence change, no matter how small or large. I would submit my innovative ideas through Creative Central, a workflow IT system, where a control board would review my ideas for possible implementation, contact me for collaboration, and then I would receive recognition for those ideas.

The one-inch dotted line we see under the SIP email labels was my idea—very simple and effective when reading many lines of email. The dotted line draws the eye to where the actual email message begins. I display my award certificates proudly at my work station.

The instances when an idea was not implemented, the process allowed for a “water-cooler” discussion among peers to perhaps help develop the proposal or inspire their innovative thoughts. I could also resubmit the idea at a later date if I knew of a different resource or redeveloped with a team. Ideas were implemented or recycled ... never lost!
Lockheed Martin recognizes innovation!