Thursday, August 16, 2012

Chasing the Blackbird

Happy to be part of the company that ensures our nation’s defense
by Rick D.

My Lockheed Martin story starts as a little kid; I went to a Beale AFB open house with my family. I spotted the Blackbird, and I instantly fell in love. I enlisted in the Air Force as a jet engine mechanic. My first duty station was Beale AFB; I was only able to get close to the aircraft I loved. I was at the retirement ceremony for the Blackbird and got to hear and feel the sonic boom right over us. I was also part of the crew that delivered the Blackbird for the Air Force Museum.

My next duty station was Kadena AB. Once again I was where the Blackbird had been. I had my first experience dealing with Lockheed Martin personnel. A team came out to refurbish our T-10 Hush Houses. These great guys impressed me with their skill and craftsmanship. Next, off to HAFB, where I worked on and fell in love with the F-16. I was deployed many times to exotic places, and always felt secure we had our birds there that would go out hunting and get some.

Off to England, RAF Lakenheath, once again the Blackbird had been right down the street. I feel like I chased the Blackbird all over the world, even if it was after it retired. Now I am a Lockheed Martin employee, I am happy to be part of the company that will see our country’s defense will be well prepared for whatever comes our way in the future.