Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Commitment Remains Constant

Our pride bridges across generations and job titles
by Darrelyn V.

In 1962, we moved to a home in the south end of Jefferson County in Littleton, Colorado, which backed-up to a lonely stretch of road that dead ended at the Martin Marietta facility. I grew up watching hundreds of cars making their way in every day at the crack of dawn and back out at twilight. Little did I know then, I would be amongst those hundreds of people working there.

My father, now a retired member of Pipe Fitters Local Union 208, supported the build of numerous structures at the main plant as well as the Deer Creek Facility for Johns Manville, which later became a Lockheed Martin owned and operated facility. He witnessed first-hand test fires of Titan rocket engines, which were done onsite in those days. His picture even graces the front page of the Sunday, September 4th 1966 edition of the Rocky Mountain News with the caption, Labor Helps Build Mighty America, while working on the construction of the thermal vacuum chamber.

I was hired by Martin Marietta in 1984 and have continued my tenure with Lockheed Martin for the past 28 years. Many things have changed throughout the years (that dead-end road for one), however what has remained constant is the commitment to what we do and how we do it. From custodians to contractors, new hires to seasoned employees; we all take tremendous pride in the endlessly fantastic things we accomplish every day in support of our nation, our world and beyond.

Happy Anniversary!

My father worked on the construction of Titan’s thermal vacuum chamber.