Tuesday, August 21, 2012

One Degree of Separation

Aviation comes full circle
by Jeff H.

My first year with the Legacy Martin Marietta Company was in Orlando in 1983. Not long after I started, a long-time employee, a supervisor in the area that used the mainframe systems I supported, announced his retirement. In the conversation he told me that he had nearly 40 years with the company. He started at Middle River building airplanes. Yes, he had known Glenn L. Martin. He also said then that if we still built airplanes, he would not retire. Now nearly 30 years later, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the company, it seems remarkable that I and many others have only one degree of separation from the man at that founding moment 100 years ago. And my colleague, long since passed, might be right at home again. Since the merger with Lockheed, we have been back in the airplane business.