Thursday, August 16, 2012

Elegance in Innovation

Ground-breaking creativity on two fronts
by Carla E.

In 1982, my second year at Lockheed, I joined a team that was building a logical model of the entire FBM program. This itself was a ground-breaking activity.

But when we finished, it was all pen on paper. How on earth could we publish drawings when no one had yet invented PowerPoint? We didn't even have a rudimentary word processer in those days.

My first year here I spent supporting the FBM engineering designers who used CADAM, the Lockheed-created automated design tool. So when it was time to publish our 550 models of the FBM business, I suggested we get funding for a team of engineers to come in on two weekends and use CADAM to draw our models. Then we could print them out on paper and bind them into a book.

We did just that. My lead presented a copy of our book to the IBM scientist who organized GUIDE, the international conference on data relationships. He pronounced it 'elegant'. I was thrilled to have played a part in pushing the envelope on two different fronts: building the entity model and figuring out how to publish it.

At Lockheed Martin, we celebrate technology!