Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Place for Innovation

Opportunities to brainstorm, design and create
by Jeff F.

I have been working for Lockheed Martin for almost nine years now at an offsite. Before I started, the name Lockheed Martin always held a special place with aviation and space exploration that I had always wanted to participate in and help in designing something new. That moment came a couple of years ago when the first Innovation Venture Project started and I was selected to attend. During the process, I attended a workshop on developing ideas and how to bring them out to a possible project. My idea was combined with about four others and our team was created. From that, our team streamlined the final concept and created a presentation that was judged with others in the process. Even though our idea was not selected for the next round, I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to be given the chance to come up with an idea and work it to a possible project that could lead to another line of business. I am looking forward to further challenges in my career with Lockheed Martin.