Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bravery and Commitment

Like a cow chewing bumble bees
by Bradley K.

What an opportunity to share my story!

I am what they call one of the last of the Baby Boomers, born in 1959, but my story is a mix of me and my father. Throughout my childhood, my dad would tell hair-raising stories about flying bombing missions over North Africa during World War II. The stories would regress further in time, about when he was a test pilot for the “Martin Company.” Those stories were equally thrilling, as my brothers and I would sit on the edge of our seats listening to the accounts of immeasurable bravery and commitment these individuals demonstrated every day. Then, later as the war effort continued, Uncle Sam took anyone who could fly a plane.

My part of the story starts back in 1979 after completing my schooling and starting my own personal business in the oil field. I was forced to dissolve that business due to the political climate of the time, and I was hired into a company called “Martin Marietta” in 1981 on the Peacekeeper program.

By that time, my father was very close to the end of his days. When I had told him of my new employment here he lit up as he would say, “like a cow chewing bumble bees.”

I feel so fortunate to have worked on so many different programs for Lockheed Martin and have held many positions. I also think my father would feel that way.