Monday, January 21, 2013

1937 Marked the Calendar

In 41 years, I saw how we accelerated tomorrow
by Ralph W.

I became an employee of Lockheed Aircraft Corporation in the spring of 1937, which was only a short time after Lockheed was established in Burbank.
At that time, they were still building aircraft and repair parts made of wood. However, a few weeks after my start there, they test flew the first ship made of metal. It was the Model 10, and the manufacturing of this unit began. From then on and still, one after another of a new type was produced and they were all excellent.
My first appointment was in the production office where I spent a few years. I then moved to engineering and served there several years, including the time during World War II. Later, I became a part of the spare parts sales department where I served for almost 20 years. And finally, I worked in finance for my last 14 years.
In 1978, I retired after 41 years as a happy member of the Lockheed community. I could not have spent over four decades as an employee of any other company of any kind or any place!