Thursday, January 17, 2013

Making a Contribution to Space Exploration

I was offered out-of-this-world opportunities
by Jimmie P.

At Martin Marietta, I was a member of several resident subcontract management teams, starting with Bendix Aerospace for the development of the Viking seismometer, mass spectrometer and retarding potential analyzer. I was at Goodyear Aerospace in the development of the MX transporter system, then at Hercules in the development of the alternate NASA launch vehicle and then at McDonnell Douglas in the development of the Titan Centaur launch vehicle. I negotiated several significant major subcontracts. The most significant was the alternate NASA launch vehicle at Hercules and the follow-on production contract. The involvement in these development programs was, in my opinion, represented significant contributions, both for me and the company. I was also involved in all the Titan, small ICBM, and NASA Lander programs in my years in procurement and subcontract management. My last assignment in Denver was as division materiel manager for  the Civil Space Division.

I negotiated significant subcontracts during the Space Race.

Thanks for the wonderful memories!