Sunday, January 27, 2013

Excellence in the Air

I’m honored to have supported the world’s finest aircraft
by Shirley E.

First, I want to thank God for my retirement and 29 years at Lockheed Martin. I was so excited and happy to work for a great company. In my eyes, it’s the world’s number one company! I worked in Burbank and Palmdale, California. It was the best job for me and my family. I supported the L-1011 program and got to take a trip on that same aircraft. During my career, I also supported the F-117, U-2, F-22 and the C-130 programs. Working at Lockheed was the greatest blessing. I tell my family and friends that I learned so much about business and people. What a wealth of knowledge I received.
After retirement, I wrote a book about child safety. In my prayer every day, I ask that Lockheed Martin continues to remain strong to support our nation. Thank you, Lockheed Martin. Congratulations on your 100-year anniversary! I am honored to be part of it!