Thursday, January 10, 2013

Expanding Our Reach to the Stars

At Lockheed Martin, I explored new horizons
by Raymond B.

Hired by Lockheed in March 1951, I was a designer on many different programs, among which were the Constellation, YC-130, P-2V and “thin-wing” Constellation. I transferred in 1957 to the Missiles and Space Program in Sunnyvale, where I worked on structural design in the XQ-5, Discovery, Midas, P461, F950, P160 and P380 programs. I designed the first support structure to be flown on the STS-4 shuttle. At Vandenberg, I directed the installation of the MIDAS space vehicle. I also directed the installation of the first payload structure in the STS-4 Columbia Space Shuttle. My family members were also Lockheed employees, including an aunt and uncle (before World War II), my wife, my stepfather and mother. I retired in 1991 after 40 years with a great company.