Thursday, January 10, 2013

Witness to Evolution and Innovation

A lot happened over the course of 41 years
by Gerald S.

For 41 years, from 1967 to 2008, I worked for Martin Marietta Missiles and Fire Control in Orlando, Florida. For first six years, I was an IE and worked on the Pershing II and Walleye lines. Then I joined the facilities department, and was responsible for space planning and layout for all the entities reporting to MFC-Orlando. During this time, I witnessed and was part of many major changes, both corporate and local. These included the acquisition of GE Aerospace and the merger with Lockheed. Locally, I saw the evolution of the office environment from open pattern to cubicles, dress code relaxation, vending machines in the work areas, personal computers and emphasis on employee diversity. I also was involved in the planning and construction of the Ocala Operations plant, new Lake Underhill plant, the relocation of the ordnance operations from Sand Lake to Troy, Alabama, two new office buildings and a major factory expansion at the SLRC site.
I worked with employees on all levels and gave many presentations to the local president, corporate and even to CEO Norm Augustine. My experience was an exciting and rewarding life-time career where I worked with the best people you could ever want to know.