Friday, January 25, 2013

A Commitment to Employees

We provided innovations in health care
by Susan R.

I was a nurse at Martin Marietta for 16 years, from July 10, 1970 through July 18, 1986. For the majority of the time, the medical department was staffed by one physician and two or three nurses. We provided physicals for the executive offices and all new hires. We triaged all accidents and injuries. The security department functioned as first responders, although I did assist with an occasional heart attack victim. The medical department then stabilized and transported the patient in one of the two ambulances owned by the company. We were a busy team!
After work, I used to play golf at a course near the plant. When I retired, a man from the factory gifted me with a sculpture of a nurse playing golf. This wonderful piece still sits on my shelf and reminds me of the years I worked at Martin Marietta. I am honored and grateful to be able to share my story. I have had fun recalling those days and my contribution to Lockheed Martin’s celebration of 100 years of accelerating tomorrow!

My Martin Marietta years are the stuff of great memories!