Monday, January 7, 2013

Flying High to Accelerate Tomorrow

Working here was a dream come true
by Robert R.

In 1974, I started with Lockheed Missiles and Space Company (LMSC) at Vandenberg Tracking Station. Unfortunately we lost the contract in 1976, and I stayed on with the new company as my three offers with LMSC were on the west coast. My dream was to be able to move east with Lockheed, but at that time, I had no prospects.
In 1977, I was approached to come back to LMSC and work in Virginia. This was a dream come true. I felt LMSC was a top-notch company technically, and more importantly, one that cared for its people. I retired from full-time work after 32 years. I still do call back work for Lockheed Martin even though I had part-time offers from other companies for more money.
I am proud of Lockheed Martin and I wear a special embroidered cap that says "Lockheed Martin Retiree." And, now I have a daughter that works for Lockheed Martin. She has the same pride.