Friday, January 25, 2013

My American Adventure

It was thanks to a silver dollar
by Paul M.

An immigrant from Spain, I became a citizen of these United States of America, a country blessed by God and the greatest nation in the world. My father, I’m a “junior,” was born in Albany, New York, when my grandfather was visiting the States. Our family went back to Spain to live. My father was about to go back to the United States when war broke out. Franco would not let him leave the country and gave my father two options: either to serve in the army or to be a prisoner of war. My father served and was wounded twice. The second time he was wounded, he had a United States silver dollar in his right shirt pocket. A bullet struck the wallet, and the silver dollar saved his life!

My father brought me to the United States, where I learned my trade as a general machinist. I thank Lockheed Martin for the privilege of working 11 years at Skunk Works. Lockheed Martin is America’s best national defense company!

I make models in retirement and still love aerospace!