Sunday, January 20, 2013

“I Want to Be an Astronaut”

Lockheed Martin is helping young people live out their dreams
by David R.

I'm a filmmaker who has always loved aviation. For years, I attended the Muskegon Air Fair in Michigan, probably 15 in-a-row. Now older, I'm working on a documentary about a kid who has wanted to be an astronaut since he was three ( I’m partnering with industry representatives to understand the importance of math and science in creating capable students who can take America to the next level of innovation. It's all about the American dream, and that dream is to be an astronaut.
Lockheed Martin has sponsored the robotics team captained by the young man we are following. I believe we need companies like Lockheed Martin to continue to advance our nation's aerospace, military and space exploration technologies. That enables us to continue to be the best and young people can dream about what is possible with an idea and hard work.
Thanks Lockheed Martin for all you do!

Lockheed Martin is sponsoring America's next generation of astronauts.