Thursday, January 10, 2013

Remembering Lockheed’s Engineering Marvels

Decades of livelihood and life-long friends
by Lorena L. and family

My husband, Gus Logan, was employed with Lockheed Martin for 40 years, from 1962 to 2002. The C-5 era was exciting. Many locals said it was too big to fly, but Lockheed had no problem with that challenge! Although Gus was with Lockheed during production of the C-130, JetStar, C-141, C-5a and C-5b, his loyalty remains with the "best plane ever built, the C-130." However, any first flights always bring pride and tears.
We met friends his first year at Lockheed, friends with whom we still maintain close relationships. We continue to make new friends through the Company Boating and Camping Club. They include former GE employees, current employees, retirees and contract employees. We take pride in showing our out-of-town visitors the Lockheed plant. It was fun going to LMEA last December to purchase our six-year-old grandson a real flight jacket. It is wonderful to be connected to an organization that is such an important part of the community, both on local and national levels.
Thanks Lockheed Martin for years of livelihood and for the special memories.