Monday, January 7, 2013

From the Machine Shop to the Legislature

Lockheed Martin prepared me for work and beyond
by Charles J.

In 1951, my girlfriend Bonnie and I were in the early stages of a courtship that developed into a happy marriage, which has continued for over 50 years. During this period, the good times far exceeded the tough times, including layoffs.
Early on, our pay was less than $1.50 per hour. Bonnie was a clerk typist and I was a tool crib attendant. Over the years, Bonnie progressed to an executive secretary position and I worked in public relations. During the last 10 years before retirement, I served as special assistant to the company president.
Since retirement, I served as a legislator in the Georgia General Assembly for over five years.
We have much for which we are thankful. Our many friends in the Lockheed Martin family and our experiences at Lockheed were very meaningful.