Monday, January 14, 2013

Keeping the “Cold War Cold”

Space was our new frontier
by Jack R.

One year out of high school, I was a technician on the Univac 1103AF that went to Lockheed in Palo Alto to support the Discoverer/Corona Satellite program. In 1962, I came to the "Blue Cube" in Sunnyvale as a computer operator for Lockheed. My manager, Ray Wolf, had been the computer operator on the same 1103AF I had helped deliver earlier. In 1964, I was sent to NASA to support the Apollo program. Late in 1965, I joined Litton Mellonics and wrote the satellite tracking software for the United States Air Force Remote Tracking Station Network. I provided support to the Corona, Gambit and Hexagon satellite programs that kept the "Cold War Cold." Joining Martin Marietta in 1989, I was a satellite vehicle technical advisor on a major space program. 
In 2011, I was inducted into the Air Force Space Operations Hall of Fame.