Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Tracing Our Lockheed Martin History

My family and my community have strong company ties
by Charlie H.

My family's path with Lockheed Martin started in the 1940s. My dad, C.A. Honea, was hired by the company that built all of the buildings called Bell Bomber Plant. He gained a lot of experience operating big machines, including forklifts. After Dad heard the plant was, he applied and started work at Lockheed-Georgia in September 1951.He had many job titles, but he loved working in transportation. His friends told me that he was the best at backing the large aircraft. After I graduated from Marietta High School in 1962, my dad gave me an application and I was hired one week after school let out. I had many job titles, but I was very happy working as a technician in manufacturing research with some very smart engineers. I eventually was lucky enough to work in the Black Hole. I retired after 40 years and was never laid off. Three of my uncles, two aunts, one cousin, one brother and my son were all lucky to work for a great company. That company is Lockheed Martin.