Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Second Chance

I worked at Lockheed for nearly four decades
by Bob and Gloria H.

I was born on July 27, 1929, in Memphis Tennessee. I worked as a research technician at Buckeye Cotton Oil prior to coming to California in 1952. I married my wife, Gloria, on May 23, 1953.

My story is one of second chances. My career at Lockheed began as a riveter. Because I could not stand the constant noise of riveting, I quit after only three days on the job. I went to work as a lab technician, then at a health food store in Burbank. It was the first such store in America! The store manager advised me to apply again for employment at Lockheed, as there was no future for me in my low-paying job at the store. I took his advice. To my surprise, Lockheed gave me another chance! I started as a process helper in electroplating at the plant in Burbank. I advanced to steel heat treating. I took a correspondence course in instrumentation, and I was promoted to this type of work at Lockheed. I eventually ended up in test services, testing the accuracy of all instrumentation at regularly schedule and intervals. I retired from Lockheed at age 60 on April 30, 1990.

I am proud to have worked at Lockheed! The company has always taken care of its workforce. Due to the savings plan, I had $100,000 in savings when I retired. Because Lockheed Martin is a company that cares for its workforce, I am forever grateful. I am blind in one eye now, but life is very good. We are sincerely yours.