Thursday, May 9, 2013

Working with Aviation’s Best

I’m thankful I was listening to the radio that day
by Patricia F.

In 1978, I was working at an insurance company when I there was an announcement on the radio station that Lockheed was hiring 5,000 new staff. One day at lunch time, I went to Lockheed’s personnel department to pick up an application. I filled it out and received a call to come in for an interview. I got the job! I was so excited to work at Lockheed, and I had a wonderful career as a single mother. I received many awards for perfect attendance. I still have my 5-, 10- and I5-year pins and necklace and I treasure them all!

I had the pleasure of working under Dave (Fergie) Ferguson, the test pilot for the F-117 for a number of years. I then transferred to the communications group. Low and behold, I met Tony LeViere, who served as a consultant in his later years. I helped him box up information for the Paris Air Shows. I listened to his stories about being the test pilot for the P-3, how he met his wife, courted her and later married her. I also had my picture taken with T. K. Mattingly. It was an honor to work for Lockheed for 16 years until I had to go out on medical leave.

I had the pleasure of working for Dave Ferguson.