Thursday, May 23, 2013

Stories of Perseverance and Inspiration

I was the company nurse for 25 years
by Ellen B.

As a retiree of Lockheed Martin, I am more than happy to share something about perseverance and inspiration. You see, I was with the company for 25 years as the nurse, and I saw it all. Some stories I can tell, and some I cannot. When I worked for the company, there were between 1,720 and 2,200 employees, and there one nurse to do it all. I saw 40 to 60 employees most days. Many wanted to be sent to the doctor, but as my boss said, I had to talk them out of it. One day with another nurse who was called then, we gave around 400 flu shots. One man even brought in his frog.

The company was good to me. If I weren’t 90 years old, I go back in one minute! Thank you for giving me the privilege to share a small part of my story. I want to tell you I appreciate every dime of my retirement. Thank you!