Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Longest Half-Hour

I’ll never forget being up close and personal with a Trident C4 X missile
by Arnie K.

It was 1977, and I was a lead technician on the Trident I missile program. I went inside a C4 X missile to change out its flight control package. It took me some time to get into position on top of the missile to get into the area I needed to be. I was “suddenly” asked to get out of the missiles so other technical staff could vent the vessel next to me. I was in the right position, and I did not want to move. I asked if they would close up the missile with me in it. After all, it would only be about five minutes to vent the two missiles. They had to remove the hose supplying air, so it quickly got hot and stuffy inside the C4 X. Then, the worst happened! The guys went to lunch and forgot me! It was really scary closed up in a live missile. Thirty minutes seemed like forever. It was hot, and I was not able to contact anyone, and wondered if I would be launched or run out of air. All was well when they finally remembered me and let me escape. Whew! This is something I shall never forget!

Trident C4