Friday, May 31, 2013

Seeing the Forest and the Trees

I was part of a wonderful Lockheed family
by Sharon T.

I was 19, and had just finished college. In May 1961, started working for Lockheed in Burbank, California. I started at $1.92 cent an hour, and most of my friends were earning $1.25 an hour at that time. The facility was huge! I was sent to Lockheed’s very own hospital for my physical health checkup. The company also had its own fire department. We were a family!

I started working in the arts and publications department. I worked there off and on for 30 years. I bought my first new car, got married, had my baby and grew up while working for Lockheed. I actually grew up with all the same people with whom I started in 1961. I was there until the doors closed.

I learned so much, more than you can imagine. I experienced the proud completion of many Government programs. I treasure those years, and have remained friends with many of the people with whom I worked along the way. Thank you, Lockheed Martin, for letting me be a part of something so very wonderful.

The Lockheed Star