Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Building Faster, Better Airliners

I was hired in 1950
By John J., Jr.

I became an employee of the Glen L Martin Company on November 3, 1950. The last 2-0-2 plane for TWA was being finished, and the 4-0-4 plane for TWA was being started. Leo Sasenheimer and Frank Vetic were the supervisors over the main stockroom where I worked, both long-time employees. I transferred to the material control office in June 1953, where I stayed until July 1983. I was been promoted to supervisor of the material control department. I took early retirement in July 1983, but wasn’t retired for very long. I was sent to the plant in Waterton, Colorado, and to Orlando, Florida, to do special jobs. On January 2, 1986, and I went back to payroll and worked until December 1988. I must say Lockheed Martin was greatest company in the world!

The Martin 4-0-4