Saturday, May 11, 2013

An Interesting Line of Work

Lockheed hired me in 1962 as a buyer
by Robert B.

In 1962, Lockheed-California hired me as a buyer. One of my early assignments was to purchase components of the fuel system for the AH-56A helicopter, including the self-sealing fuel and oil tanks from Uniroyal of Canada. That was in Van Nuys. Later, I was the material department liaison with Rolls Royce personnel in Palmdale on the L-1011. In 1974, I transferred to Lockheed Missiles and Space Company in Sunnydale. One interesting assignment there was to purchase products to manufacture exterior tiles of the Space Shuttle, primarily the fiber from Johns Manville and the glass grit for coating the tile from Corning. Congratulations on 100 years and thanks for 29 years of retirement.

The Lockheed AH-56A Cheyenne