Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Secret of My Success

A chance opportunity led to a wonderful life and career
by Loretta B.
Singer-Link, a Lockheed Martin heritage company, was my first employer. I had just the Army after World War II, and a friend in my hometown worked at Singer-Link. She was very satisfied with her employment there. One day, I applied at the plant, which was near my hometown of Croton-on-Hudson, New York. I was offered a position right away, and was taken to an office and was given shorthand and typing to do. In a few days, I was secretary to the gentleman in charge of the entire factory and supporting offices. Talk about luck! A secretary was pregnant, and she had to retire. Bingo, I was put in her place! Three different men assumed the manager role, and it was pleasure to work for each of them! Thanks to Lockheed Martin, I was never without employment. Although I could not go to California once Singer-Link left our town, the training I received as a secretary was an invaluable asset! My last employment was as secretary at an elementary school in Croton-on-Hudson. That too was a great experience.

Now, I am 90 years old. I retired at age 70 when my husband became ill. We left New York to the warmer climes of South Carolina. My husband passed away in 2008; we were married for 60 years. I want to thank you for my pension and benefits. Life has been easy for me, and a great deal of my success is because of Lockheed Martin!