Monday, May 13, 2013

After Martin Marietta

I’m still part of an important “club”
by Helen T.

I started working at the Glenn L. Martin Company in 1946 at Stansbury Manor, typing deeds and mortgages as the Aero Acres homes were sold. In 30 years, I had many bosses, including. Frank Vitek, Bill German, Bill Dietz, Bill Keimig, Andy Trost and Tim Hughes.

I was married twice. Ray Popp, my first husband, worked at Martin. We fell in love and were married in 1953. Ray was later laid off and went to work at Bethlehem Steel at Sparrows Point. I took early retirement in 1976, and we moved to Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Ray passed away in 1991, and I sold my home and moved back to Baltimore, joining RAMMs. Who should be at my first meeting but my old boss, Andy Trost. Again love bloomed, and we were married in 1993. We enjoyed visits to Andy's condo at Rehoboth Beach until his death in 2000. There must be something about those Martin men! I again found love with Bill Heinefield, a Martin retiree and secretary of RAMMs. We were inseparable for a year before his sudden death of a stroke in 2009.

I’ve been called the RAMMS cake lady. I bake two black walnut cakes, to be door prizes, at our RAMM dances, and two for our cake auction at our picnic. I am a regular “stuffer” for our monthly newsletter, and although I had to give up driving, I still found a way to attend RAMM meetings. I want to thank everyone for the generosity and support you've shown over the years!

I typed Aero Acres deeds and mortgages.