Thursday, February 21, 2013

Eighty-Eight Years of Service

Work was interesting, challenging and rewarding
by Rita P.

Between us, my dad, brother and I have 88 years of service with Lockheed Martin. In 1956, my dad began working as a welder at Martin Marietta. He retired in 1990. I started in 1980 on the Peacekeeper program and retired from the Targets and Countermeasures program in 2009. My younger brother started in 1985 on the Small Missile program. Unfortunately his career was cut short when he passed away in 2009.
Most of my years with the company were working alongside my younger brother. Many people who didn't know us thought we were husband and wife, which gave us a good laugh. The work was interesting, challenging and very rewarding as we watched progress in space. This picture is at my retirement party. I am saying goodbye after 29 years.

Here I am, saying goodbye after 29 wonderful years.