Monday, February 18, 2013

Excellence All Around

I worked with great leaders and customers
by Jim S.

My 30-plus year career started on the L-1011 in Palmdale, California, in 1971. I hired on as a final assembler, working my way up as a mock-up mechanic and flight-line mechanic. I transferred into ADP in 1975 and worked on the TR-1 and U-2 programs. A few years later, I started work on the most exciting aircraft ever—the F-117 stealth fighter. I was involved in check-out and flight operations. I was an FSR at Holloman Air Force Base and then was able to use my knowledge of this aircraft working in reliable engineering (RM&S) in Palmdale. I have worked with and for so many great Lockheed leaders—managers, engineers, mechanics—as well as some wonderful Air Force personnel. I had a wonderful, rewarding and exciting career with Lockheed Martin. Thanks!