Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Can-Do Company

I have very fond memories of working there
by Roger R.

I started working at Martin Marietta in Waterton Canyon, Colorado. I was member of the engineering change control team on the Peacekeeper (MX) project. After a year, I transferred to the test facility at Vandenberg Air Force Base to continue working as the project’s material control planner. My time there was very rewarding, knowing that I was able to help in my country's defense.

Then, 1987 sent me back to Colorado as a planner on the SM-ICBM. I was also a coordinator on the migration to the MRPII MACPAC/D manufacturing system.

During my time at Lockheed Martin, I found the "can-do" culture to be fantastic. I have many fond memories  and still keep in contact with some of my old friends.

I still keep in touch with Lockheed Martin friends!